TESCAN 3D Analysis Suite

TESCAN’s 3D Volume Analysis module is easy to learn, so both new and experienced users can produce complex 3D visualizations quickly. A step-by-step wizard guides the operator through the import, alignment, and pre-processing steps in their correct sequence, resulting in complete, detailed output for 3D visualization. TESCAN 3D Volume Analysis works alongside TESCAN FIB-SEM Tomography on TESCAN’s Ga FIB-SEM and Plasma FIB-SEM instruments, so processing can begin immediately following tomographic data acquisition.

The powerful 3D rendering engine creates high-quality visualizations with several viewing options and exports comprehensive rendered animations of your 3D data. Additionally, multi-scale and multi-modal data can be loaded and visualized within a single project.

Read more about TESCAN 3D Volume Analysis here.