Digital Orthopaedics

TraumaTech R&D Project

The main goal of the TraumaTech project was to support the operating procedures for the trauma treatment of fractures and bone defects with the use of modern methods of computer data processing and computer preoperative planning.

The project focused on the preoperative phase and development of a software system that assists surgeons in identifying fractures, computer reconstruction of bone fragments in the correct position and selecting the appropriate implant. All these results in a more appropriate choice of implant and its fixation to prevent repeated corrections and unnecessary surgical treatments.

Here is a video tutorial (in Czech) on pre-operative trauma treatment planning using a CT scan:

And an experimental pre-operative planning using at least two calibrated X-ray images: 

This research project was partially founded by the Czech Technology agency of the Czech Republic under the project TraumaTech - Modern Image Processing Techniques and Computer-based Planning in Trauma Treatment (TA04011606).